MaxPlay Partnerships: One Plus One Equals Awesome

March 7, 2016 Adam Chapman

Building the world’s first easy-to-use, highly performant, cloud-enabled, real-time collaboration Game Development Suite (GDS) is, well...a gigantic undertaking. To tackle this, we’ve built an experienced interdisciplinary team of incredibly talented, brilliant, hard-working, and creative people. Even with this all-star team, there are only so many hours in a day. We can’t build everything ourselves and, frankly, we don’t want to.

Before we consider building anything, the first thing we ask is, “Who does this best?” And the follow up, “Can we do it better?” When the answer is “no,” we reach out to these companies and start conversations. We show them what we’re doing and talk about the problems we’re trying to solve and about how we might be stronger together. This is where the collaboration begins.

Prospective technology partners had to meet three critical criteria:

  • an intuitive interface that easily lets users master the given task
  • unmatched performance built for today’s and tomorrow’s environments that takes advantage of our MaxCore™ advanced multi-threading
  • the ability to grant advanced users the highest level of control

In our initial partner search, we developed relationships with some extremely passionate and skilled teams whose personal missions are to make the lives of developers easier in the most challenging areas of game development, from physics to animation to visual effects to audio.  These teams have built valuable domain-specific knowledge, learned from their mistakes, field-tested their product in the most demanding games, and they’ve seen where the industry is going. Their passion is contagious. They’re excited about our platform. We are delighted to integrate our products.

Our Partners

This week we are proud to announce our initial set of premium technology partners.

MysticGD has been evolving the industry-leading animation engine, EMotion FX  for years. They’ve not just refactored, but completely rebuilt their system to better leverage hardware on more than one occasion. Don’t believe me, check out their video of 3000 animated characters. To go with that performance, they’ve built an accessible interface and debugger that will make all aspiring Walts as happy as a mouse on a steamboat. And did I mention that every single bone and blend is addressable procedurally?

If you’re not already familiar with FMOD Studios, it’s pretty simple: imagine an intuitive audio system that lets you mix live in-game, has the best debugging tools, is performant enough to never have you wondering “should I trim the audio?,” and allows you to work at the speed of sound (get it?).

Persistant Studio’s highly performant particle system, PopcornFx lets you harness the magic like a true wizard.  PopcornFx is a full solution for all of your visual effects needs with a dedicated effects editor and a multiplatform runtime built on a highly parallel stream processing architecture, which is at the core of its high performance and flexibility. Like our MaxCore™ architecture, it effortlessly threads across multiple cores with minimal data contention.  

And then there’s nVidia's PhysX. For over two decades, nVidia has been the industry’s leader in graphics rendering and middleware that takes games to new heights.  Their PhysX real-time physics engine is used by the majority of today’s games, which means you’ve definitely seen it’s fully multi-threaded, hardware-accelerated action.  Just have a look at this reel. ‘Nuff said.

At the end of the day, we’re fans; checking out each other’s tech and figuring out how we can collaborate to make the best possible game development suite. Each of these systems is incredible by itself, and when integrated into our GDS and high performance MaxCore™ runtime, richer and more immersive worlds are now at developers’ fingertips.

We are proud that these impressive teams have chosen to collaborate with MaxPlay. Our goal is to enable developers to build better games, faster. By partnering with best-in-class technologies that devs already love we can continue to make progress towards this end.  


Adam Chapman

Head of Product Strategy

Game Development Suite


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