25 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers that Real & Active

October 29, 2021 Adam Chapman

No one can deny the power and influence that social media has in our age globally. And this influence has dramatically increased in the pandemic when all products and services are being sold online at large through social media accounts. The world has realized that online imaging, branding, selling, marketing, and purchasing are the new normal. So, it is no surprise that brands, influencers, and even multinational companies are looking for all types of ways to increase their profile followers and engagement and garner high traffic to their profiles. One powerful social media platform where you can find accounts of all types trying to get on the top is Twitter. 

Twitter is one of the most popular social media giants in this century, and you can find almost everyone making tweets on it. Twitter is used globally – whether it is a politician, a film star, a teacher, a multinational firm, or a small brand, everyone is aware of the influence of Twitter. Each user knows how good marketing on Twitter can be and that productive tweets can highly impact their product image and social proof, not only in their appropriate location but also worldwide. Hence recently, there has been a strong emphasis on getting trendy on Twitter, and accounts are coming up with all types of strategies and tweets trends to get their Twitter accounts on top. Even companies are now using Twitter to boost their reach. One recent Twitter strategy that has become the most successful trend is getting more real followers and increasing their account popularity by anonymously buying Twitter followers from several websites available on the internet.

Top 25 Sites to Buy Twitter Followers

Buying Twitter followers to help boost the reputation of a Twitter account is a trend that several companies, brands, and influential personalities are now following. Whether it is a hugely well-known brand with hundreds of tweets or a small business trying to make their product known and get more Twitter followers, – they all have considered buying Twitter followers. It’ll help boost the social media presence of their accounts and promote the marketing of their product. Finding the best sites to buy Twitter followers worth every penny that you pay and actively allows your Twitter account’s reputation to grow with the help of real and active Twitter followers can be a challenging and hectic task. To help you make an informed decision, here’s a list of the 25 leading services to help buy Twitter followers from. 


SocialBoss is a popular social media marketing website with a stellar reputation that sells genuine Twitter followers. What makes SocialBoss unique is the high priority that the site provides to the safety of your account, along with other exciting features that help to receive Twitter growth. When you purchase high-quality followers, all you need to do is provide an URL for the profile you want to buy followers for and no further information, as well as no need to share your password that can otherwise compromise the security of your profile.
SocialBoss is the best place to buy Twitter followers and get real boost. Moreover, it’s one of the cheapest services in the market that ensures you’ll see follower growth on your account and can use Twitter as an effective tool for further promotion. Here are a few follower packages offered by SocialBoss:

  • 100 active followers for $7.99 – discounted to $5.99 as part of a limited-time promotional offer.
  • 1000 active followers for $37.99 – discounted to $29.99 as part of a limited-time promotional offer.
  • 20000 active followers for $419.99 – discounted to 359.99 as part of a limited-time promotional offer.


Instafollowers is a top-rated company to get Twitter followers from. The holistic and organic growth approach to growing your account and its special marketing features make them unique and highly successful. The site does not just focus on reaching a follower count. Instead, it provides you with tips to make your content more engaging and uses advanced technology on your accounts that help make your account reach several more accounts than it usually did. Along with it, the engagement on the client’s account is also substantially increased, and by the use of branding tricks, the traffic of the audience is converted into customers. The price of the packages to buy Twitter followers offered by this website is comparatively higher than some other websites but the benefits offered are also substantially better. 

You can get 500 followers through Instafollowers by paying $34.5, discounted to $24.75 as a limited promotional offer. For 2500 authentic Twitter followers, you have to pay $162.50, discounted to $90.00 as a limited promotional offer. 


Viralyft is a customer favorite marketing company for buying Twitter followers, and their reputation speaks for itself. Viralyft is one of the few services that have expanded their website but only in one department, getting real and active followers. They do not meddle with any other social media networks activity and focus on getting the user’s active and real Twitter followers organically and permanently. They focus on making your account shine by helping you buy Twitter followers. To top it all, Viralyft has one of the most commendable support teams available for customer support to help their clients round the clock along with fast delivery.


If you are in search of a good reputation company that offers 100% confidentiality, has experience of serving brands, provides real Twitter followers, has a 24/7 available customer support service team, has quick delivery, lifetime guaranteed Twitter growth, and charges unbelievably cheap prices with countless more features? Then Socialwick is the website for you. You can buy Twitter followers with 500 real profiles with a 30-day refill for as cheap as $11.54 only. Another great thing about this website is that you can purchase Twitter followers at a customizable number of high-quality followers and do not have to stick to the provided packages. The only drawback? The website asks to share your password, and hence the concern for hacking increases. 


Twesocial is the perfect choice for clients’ accounts looking for steady, organic, and permanent growth by using strategy to buy Twitter followers. This company strictly abides by all twitter policies and helps your account grow by following branding tricks. An account manager is provided to every subscriber that allows the target audience that the product is for, hence creating a lot of traffic towards the development from interested customers. The plans offered by this company are also customizable in terms of the charges, the payment schedule, the increase in followers required, etc. Twesocial provides two types of payment plans, weekly and monthly, from which you can opt for depending on your preferred payment cycle. 


Twiends is a unique Twitter account growing service that focuses on connecting accounts to the right audience. This Twitter growth service is one of a kind that provides free learning on how to increase your Twitter presence using social media marketing. It has a vast base of real and active accounts on its profile. They help the companies connect with those accounts by displaying the business profile in the account base, asking the accounts to engage with the business profile and follow it if they like the product. Even though there is no guaranteed fixed number of followers increase by Twiends, the results are consistent, stable, and permanent as accounts visit, follow, and engage with your profile because they like the profile and not just because they are being paid for it.


Getviral is a company that offers its clients to buy Twitter followers while emphasizing the authenticity of its service. The followers they provide are 100% legit, and their social packages are some of the cheapest in the market. Providing 100% real followers, however, results sometimes take a little longer to show than other services. However, the growth is entirely legitimate and organic. To top it off, they have a super-efficient support team for their customers.


Redsocial has served many famous social media accounts over the years. It is a service with a renowned reputation that provides long-term, authentic, and engaging followers at an affordable price for its clients. The service also offers various other services and features in their packages to help your account grow at an unmatched speed. The highly appreciated component of the service that is loved by all of its users is the live chat option on their website, where any concern or issue that you might face can be instantly resolved. Redsocial offers a wide range of packages to choose from and has affordable prices. You can get 100 real and engaging followers for your Twitter profile from Redsocial by paying only $7 with a credit card. For profiles searching for more extensive packages, you can get 2000 followers at a steal price of $80. 


Famups is another Twitter growth service that provides real Twitter accounts for its users. The service is straight-purposed and straightforward. To get your followers, all you have to do is sign up, enter the profile info, and make the payment and you’ll get followers to boost within a day. A package of 500 real and engaging followers costs $20 at Famups. They have a complete package of 2000 Twitter followers that can be bought for $70.

Social Packages

One of the best social media marketing services to buy Twitter followers from, social packages is an internationally operating service that provides its clients with highly engaging and real followers. Social packages are known to provide very successful results within the shortest time, and many businesses have experienced exponentially significant growth in their social media networks with the help of this service. A 24/7 customer support live chat helpline is always there to help their clients with any concerns. A package of 100 followers is offered for only $7 within this service. Their reputation is outclassed.

Views Expert

Views expert is a leading social media branding service for various platforms, including Twitter. It is one of the cheapest and fastest companies in the industry, with an excellent client support team. It is known for always consistently providing highly successful results to its users in very engaging real profiles. The service also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if they fail to give the expected results and accept payment through credit cards. 


One of the finest services that provide followers at the cheapest rates is Getrealboost for its clients. Looking at their cheap prices, one would be skeptical about the highest quality of their service. But be assured they are known for being a highly successful company that provides legit and active Twitter followers from all over the world and has a 24/7 available customer support team helpline that instantly fixes any issue that a client may face. With this service, you can get 200 followers for as low as $8!


A service that treats clients as associates rather than just money-providing entities, this company is one of the finest in terms of the credibility of their service, the features they offer, the authenticity of the followers provided, the low prices, gradual delivery, and the concern for the client’s preferences. This is a one-of-a-kind service that provides clients with opportunities to completely customize their package based on their target growth, audience, duration, and budget. 


This website provides your Twitter account with a more honest look by organically increasing your Twitter followers. They give you a target audience for your Twitter account and let you shine in your social world. It is a 100% safe and lifetime guaranteed strategy. Buy Twitter followers from these best sites. A website like these provides you with some active Twitter followers to make your Twitter profile look legitimate. This website works for the instant growth of your account on Twitter. They have packages ranging from $14.99 to $134.99. They give you up to 10,000 Real and Genuine profiles to buy Twitter followers from, making your account look more vital than ever and help in organic growth on Twitter.


Boostlikes work for private purposes and are also used by big multinational companies and help them grow their social media accounts and profile organically. This website provides their client’s accounts with a new look by increasing followers, which look veritable and legitimate. This profile would increase your follower count and help you gain the stability and credibility which you seek. Packages start from $17 to $1680, providing your Twitter account with a maximum of 25,000 high-quality Twitter followers, which are some followers and look unfeigned. This website works for big brands and is used for big-level marketing. Although this website is a bit expensive, they are one company that provides the best, safe, and secure Twitter followers growth service.


Getplusfollowers works on a minimal level but is ideal for Twitter accounts that need real Twitter followers and crave credibility, legitimacy, and organic growth. Their packages range from $9 to $49. This website gives your social media profiles a new lifeline and helps you create a more advanced image of yours on social media platforms like Twitter. Companies like these provide you with targeted followers and are very much popular due to their excellent services. This website gives you 250+ real targeted Twitter Followers on your Twitter profile with a refund policy if any followers are fake. They give you fast delivery with 24/7 Phone support for their social world customers.


This given website is the solution for all your Twitter-related or social media-related hustles. Viplikes provides a considerable range of Twitter workarounds and solutions for organic growth. In this world where online platforms and social media platforms like Twitter are used to look into one’s credibility, it is more than necessary for you to build your account to make it look authentic and credible. This website helps you gain Twitter followers and delivers fast and bona fide results. Their specialists make sure you are satisfied with their work and would give immediate results within a day, and your order would be completed in 4 to 5 days.

Different offers to gain Twitter followers start from $1.99, ranging to $179.99, where this website provides you with followers on Twitter ranging from 50 to 10,000. This website claims to have all of its Twitter followers be genuine and legitimate. This website builds your account on Twitter by providing you with International Followers that might make that look fake.


This social media marketing website is one of the most legit and primarily used for managing social media platforms like Twitter. This age has forced most people to jump towards online identity and online versions. Everyone wants their online performance to be credible and authentic. The easiest and visible way to make this happen is by acquiring many genuine Twitter followers on your account. Appsally provides you with an opportunity to buy Twitter followers and helps you build your online profile. Twitter is one of the most used social media forums like Facebook and Instagram, and having intense Twitter games depicts how strong your online version is. This website provides you with some of the most genuine followers for Twitter that would help you look legitimate. 

Appsally has many different packages according to your own needs. Starting from 200 Twitter followers in $20 till 3200 Twitter followers is $270. It might be a little expensive but gives you a guaranteed result.


Unlike other companies providing clients with Followers on their Twitter profiles which are ghost accounts, Instamama promises its customers to provide them with the most original accounts and real followers. They claim to have safe delivery with secure payment methods. This website also keeps in touch with its customers and gives 24-hour live chat feature customer care service. Followers on Twitter play one of the essential roles in building up your online profile and make it look credible. This website claims to give you Followers on Twitter that are authentic and have no fake profiles.

Instamama has got different packages for increasing your followers on Twitter, starting from $8.5 to $37.5. It is not ideal for a significant level as they provide a maximum of 1000 Twitter followers at $37.5. Get your Twitter account to another level with this website and try the different features they offer.


This website provides its clients with an excellent organic strategy to make their way on Twitter or other networks. From providing you with Followers on Twitter-to-Twitter followers’ likes and retweets, this website has got it all covered for you. This forum helps you take your account to another level for business purposes or private gains; they get the job done.

The company has a vast range of packages that deliver fast and natural results at affordable prices. They have cheap deals starting from $2.99 to $84.99. They also provide the customer with safe dealings, fast delivery, and 24-hour support for their customers. This website ensures you with high-quality followers and is secure, and does not require your password for any purpose.

Media Mister

This company comes to its clients with an easy way to gain organic authenticity on Twitter by purchasing followers. All you have to do is check for your preferred package and then relax. This website gives you real followers at affordable rates. Packages starting from $4.00 can go up to whatever you need.

This company has also got easy payment options, making it very convenient for its users when they buy Twitter followers using their website. You can pay through credit card or coin payment. This website can provide you with all types of Twitter advantages, including followers, retweets, comments, likes, views, poll votes, impressions, and much more. All you have to do is choose your preferred package, and this website will get it done.


You can buy Twitter followers and build up your social media accounts on Twitter through this company. This website presents you with various packages ranging from $1 for one Twitter follower to $299. This way, everyone can increase their followers and engagement as they desire at easy and affordable rates. This website provides you with up to 10000 followers for Twitter.


1000followers.co makes buying high-quality active followers easily possible and helps your Twitter following and retweet grow in no time. One of the best places to purchase followers from, this website claims that you will be able to get original followers and retain them with their assistance. They also offer a money-back guarantee with which you can rest assured that your money will be safe and well spent. They offer many packages available for you to choose from at prices that range from 15 dollars for 100 followers to 85 dollars for 2500 active followers. With over seven years of experience, 1000followers.co has helped many clients reach their goals and acquire a considerable amount of targeted followers on their profiles. Their success can also be reflected quite well in encouraging customer reviews on their website. However, the only thing is that the packages are a little on the pricier end as compared to other similar websites.


It is of great importance that you carefully choose a good and reliable company to reach your goal of boosting your social media sites. Tweeteev provides you with just that, a 100% secure and foolproof service with an outstanding reputation that will help you gain a ton of followers in no time. Although, what is it that sets Tweeteev apart from other similar companies on the market? Unlike other fellow companies, Tweeteev guarantees a quantity of all organic growth twitter users and makes sure that you reach the right audience related to your profile. Thus, Tweeteev not only works to bring you worldwide followers but also works to help your cause. It does so by asking questions related to your profile in an email questionnaire that the client has to fill before getting started.

The website offers two subscription plans, a standard, and a turbo, that cost $15 and $25 per week, respectfully. Unlike many other services, the payments are not a one-time thing. Instead, the plans are more like subscriptions renewed every week and came with a lifetime guarantee. The benefits are reasonably priced, but the unconventional way of increasing a follower base can be worthwhile in tracking the right audience and spending money every week to see an increase in followers’ growth. 


Zeru is known for providing its customers with swift services and helping them increase traffic by multiplying their followers within a limited period. Not only does this company claim to deliver a promised audience for your profile, but it also claims to get you a real boost in high-quality followers for your account successfully. Alongside this, the website offers many additional features that a lot of similar companies fail to provide. These include the availability of assistance and support for their clients at any time they need alongside social media experts working to serve their clients’ goals and targeted followers. Furthermore, you can also opt for a free trial that no other company offers. With this option, Zeru allows you to get started with complete assurance that your money is in safe hands and offers multiple trustworthy payment methods.

The website carries many packages that are divided into three categories: starter, standard, and pro packages, all of which are very reasonably priced. And in case there are no packages that quite suit your needs, the website also offers you to get in touch with them and create a customized package just for you. Even though the additional features Zeru offers are pretty promising, unfortunately, Zeru does not seem to be as popular amongst Twitter users as it should be.

Twitter Followers Guide

Here’s a quick and precise Twitter users guide to help you boost your Twitter account reputation, tweets reach, and Twitter presence. 

Can Real And Engaging Twitter Followers Be Bought?

There are several companies nowadays that can help you buy Twitter followers in real profiles, which can also engage with your tweets if you get the desired subscription package. However, many of those sites are also misleading and either claim to bring you more followers than they can manage or most of the profiles are fake bot profiles, which anyone looking at your profile can quickly tell. So yes, it is possible to buy Twitter followers real for your social media account to get social viral, but you have to be cautious with which site you trust for the process. All you need to do is find the right site to buy from.

What Can Help With Getting Genuine Followers?

The best way to get a true audience is by being genuine to your followers and being real. Yes, forming opinions that cater to the majority do help, but why else would people want to engage with your tweet and support it if they do not think it is a valid idea/concept/opinion coming from you? On your account, be who you are. Voice out your opinions, be vocal, be loud, but do not be insensitive. Keep in mind the sentiments of all races, genders, and religions, and see your account flourish with followers and engagement. You can do other things to get Twitter engagement from worldwide followers by coming up with engaging and relevant content. Moreover, you should post tweets that leave room for followers to engage, using hashtags to boost your content reach, replying, and associating back with your followers, and posting visuals, amongst others. You can also purchase engaging Twitter followers from a reputable website. 

The Cost of Purchasing Followers For Twitter?

There is no fixed cost of subscribing fake followers for your Twitter social media profile. And vary based on numerous factors such as growth in follower base you require, the website you choose, the kind of tweets you post, the targeted audience, and the bid that other accounts have placed on the type and amount of followers you are in search of, etc. However, on average, the cost to purchase one Twitter follower should vary between $2- $3,5. Most of the companies mentioned in this guide offer their users packages to buy real Twitter followers at even lower prices.

Is It Legal To Buy Twitter Followers?

Twitter has a clear stance on how it does not support accounts buying fake Twitter followers to boost reputation. Buying Twitter followers does not go against any federal law, hence legal. We have seen many followers accounts that buy real Twitter followers and never get banned or detected by Twitter management. However, suppose your fake followers are shady profiles that engage in activities against the Twitter community guidelines. In that case, your account can be banned, suspended, or removed due to these. Some examples of the activities that your fake accounts can carry out that can be a source of trouble for you are; bullying/harassing/abusing other accounts or your other followers, posting insensitive or inappropriate content, fake advertising, etc. 

How Will Buying Twitter Followers Grow My Followers?

To buy Twitter followers real is the easiest and the fastest strategy to grow your followers and boost your account’s reputation. It is often the cheapest way, as you don’t have to spend a considerable sum of money on brand targeting or advertisement. The count of real followers you have on your Twitter social media profile is very detrimental to the reach your account gets. The more worldwide followers you have, the more chances you can target a larger audience, especially if the fans are engaging by retweeting your tweets or reacting to them. An excellent follower base also makes your account be seen amongst the several thousands of accounts on Twitter. They bring your account to the top and attract many audiences to your brand and help you grow. Offers for deals that further support your account growth also increase, such as collaborations, sponsorships, etc.

How Can You Find The Best Sites And The Most Reliable Service To Buy Twitter Followers From?

It is natural to get confused when choosing a company that sells Twitter followers and retweets. Several services on the internet claim to reliability help you get authentic Twitter followers for your account. Here are some tips that can help you find the best sites to buy Twitter followers:

  1. Do your research and then shortlist services that most cater to the kind of audience that you are targeting. 
  2. From the shortlisted services, analyze the service years of experience, the following base of the website, and the customer reviews on the website to decide whether they are authentic or not. A single click on a few profiles that have reviewed the website will let you know if the customer reviews are from fake profiles. 
  3. Keep your budget and expenses in mind before hiring a company so that you do not have to compromise getting social viral due to financial constraints. 
  4. Go for a website that offers a lifetime guarantee. 


We are all aware of the domination force that social media has become in the 21st century, and if you want to be a famous brand, then having a solid social media presence is essential for better marketing. Concepts like social proof increase the reach of your product. For companies, brands, or individuals looking for options to buy Twitter followers from that will help you grow, this guide is a complete codebook that will assist you to find the best company. It is after extensive research that we have highlighted and reviewed the top 25 social media services with the best reputation that provide their clients with an opportunity to buy Twitter followers and increase Twitter engagement. These are the top 25 choices from the market, and we have tried and reviewed them all so that you do not have to. 

For making an essential decision like this that involves investment and is crucial for your Twitter account’s image, you must be thoroughly researched and invest your time and money in the exemplary service to buy Twitter followers and retweets that are active and real. There are a lot of scam websites and companies in the market. Subscribing with them out of negligence can have a very negative impact on your Twitter profile. For example, you can get banned by Twitter for breaking community guidelines, or scam profiles by untrustworthy services can push away your previous customers or followers by quarreling with them on your profile.

Using this guide, you can be assured of the authenticity of the website or company you choose for the service to buy Twitter followers from, along with being the best in the business in terms of authenticity and reliability. These services also offer the best package features and customer service. All you have to do is choose one service out of these, all based on the varying needs of your profile and considering the pros and cons of each website or company so that you can sit back and relax. Then watch as your Twitter strategy to boost your account flourishes. The selected services help get real Twitter followers and provide you with highly successful results in no time.