Our Team

Our Team


At MaxPlay™ we're building the most advanced, service-oriented game platform ever. To do so requires the efforts of a talented team from a variety of industries. We're proud of the platform we're creating for developers and the team that has helped shape what we believe to be a game changer in the industry.

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Bruce Hack
Chris Carvalho
David Hu
Keith McCurdy
25 year Sr. Exec in the game industry: VP, WW Biz Dev & GM - EA Partners; VP, COO & EP - The Sims, The Simpsons, Rock Band; Founder & CEO - PyroTechnix
Sinjin Bain
Chief Executive Officer, Board
25 Years of Game Production, Development, and Publishing experience leading teams from world class, award-winning AAA franchises to 10 person start-ups.
Hunter Smith
Chief Operating Officer
25 year technology leader; CTO Pogo & Pogo Mobile; CTO BioWare (Star Wars, The Old Republic, Mass Effect, Dragon Age), CTO Mythic (Warhammer: Age of Reckoning)
Matt Shaw
Chief Technical Officer
20 years in the Enterprise Software industry. Contributed to the success of four different startup SaaS software companies, ranging from engineer to founder.
Michael Rothrock
Chief Platform Officer
Director of Interactive Technology (MPC); SVP, Director of Creative Technology (Deutsch); Graduate professor (Parsons); Ran game studio (Poptank).
Adam Chapman
Head of Product Strategy
20+ years working with hundreds of game developers as a game designer, producer & biz leader. Leading the MaxPlay GDS to improve the lives of developers everywhere.
Anthony Castoro
Executive Producer
16 year games industry veteran, delivering creative solutions and strategic partnerships as MD, EA READY (EA); NA Biz Dev, Massive Inc. (MSFT); Co-Founder: 1UP. com
Bill Young
Head of Strategic Partnerships
Building game brands since 1994. For Crystal Dynamics, Eidos, SEGA, & PlayStation on top games Tomb Raider, Hitman, God of War, LittleBigPlanet & Uncharted.
Chip Blundell
Head of Marketing
23 years in IT and Security, former Information Security Officer for EA; VP Security, Deluxe Entertainment Services, & Principal Engineer at NSS Labs.
Francisco Artes
Sr. Director IT & Security
Former studio executive and producer at EA & PlayStation. Head of BizDev at EA Partners. Game Credits: Dawngate, Dante’s Inferno, The Simpsons, The Sims.
Hans ten Cate
Head of Biz Dev
20-year industry veteran. Sega, Activision, Crytek, and Unity. Mostly in Asia, growing businesses from zero to hero and taking commanding leads in those markets. Bilingual English-Japanese.
John Goodale
VP of Platform Biz Dev
Former Maxis exec, studio COO. Helped bring to life 25+ titles across mobile, PC, and console, from very small to large developers, and from licensed to new IP.
Morgan Roarty
Head of Operations
Former CTO of top mobile game publisher Digital Chocolate and 15-year games industry veteran.
Paul Abbassi
VP of Data
Randy Culley
Technical Director
Founder and CEO of Punch Entertainment, acquired by DeNA. 15 years in games, created 50+ mobile games, over 60m downloads, winning 30+ major industry awards.
Tobin Lent
Head of Tech Partnerships
Veteran of the game industry for 20 years. Part of many AAA franchises including Origin's Wing Commander & Crusader, Spy Hunter, Tabula Rasa, and Sims 3.
Allen Jackson
10-year veteran of AAA and independent game development. Has worked as an engineer and designer on numerous titles for consoles to PCs to mobile devices.
Andrew Carroll
Eagle-eyed tester with several shipped titles under his belt including City of Heroes: Freedom, Guild Wars 2, and WildStar.
Andrew Jackson
Spent the past 6 years in games, starting in Customer Service and quickly moving into QA. As a lifetime fan, has more product knowledge of games than anyone should.
Andrew Newman
Anna Bruski
A decade of experience helping to build the Forza Motorsport franchise into a perennial success and am now looking for a bigger, bolder challenge.
Chad Olsen
With two decades of experience in corporate IT, Chase has implemented a range of enterprise, eCommerce, and application integration solutions.
Chase Skipper
Passionate Organizational Development, HR Business Partner and Strategist. Experienced coordinator of chaos in dynamic, fast-paced environments.
Chelsea Bedard
Chris Galvan
Chris Wren
Rocket scientist turned programmer. Worked on stellar astrophysics theory and then switched to game development for Red Alert 3.
Curtis Cooper
16+ years in the game industry as a Game Designer & Creative Director. Icewind Dale 2, Lord of the Rings; The Battle for Middle Earth, X-Men Legends 2, and more.
Damien Foletto
21 year Sr. Art Lead in the game industry at EA, SOE, Spacetime Studios, Red Fly Studio, shipped 21 titles including several Star Wars and Wing Commander games.
Damon Waldrip
Tech Artist
A long time engineer and burner, David has built and destroyed numerous art pieces, led volunteer teams and written volumes of great code.
Dave Morra
Guthrie Adams
Earned his stripes at companies such as Bioware (Technical Analyst, Systems Design), NCSoft and Riot Games (QA & Build Engineer).
Isaac Linkletter
Jeff Grills
Professional game developer since 1994 with the goal to learn a bit of everything: 3D Artist, dev team manager, etc. Product Development at Rockstar & Atari.
Jonny Galloway
Julian Wynn
15+ year veteran platform engineer with a passion for graphics and game technology. Worked for SAGE Automation, US Marine Corps, SonarDesign
Justin Hust
Over 25 years making games: several titles for both The Sims and Star Wars franchises along with multiple console and PC titles ranging from single player to MMOs.
Kelly Brock
4 year veteran of the game industry who got his start in rich media websites & animation. Passion for art, code, gaming, and herding pixels into pretty pictures.
Ken Pruiksma
Kevin Gonzalez
10+ years in IT / security as a project manager, product & penetration tester, & sysadmin with a passion for cryptography & garbage file steganography.
Leigh Lytle
20+ year veteran serving as a high-tech Content Wrangler Extraordinaire for both hardware and software, from online banking to silicon design.
Linden Colby
Tech Writer
Maggie Duvall
Previously a freelance web coder, new to the games industry. Worked on a voxel-based RPG indie game using a custom engine.
Mike Gigliotti
Nate has worked in data-driven games his entire career, serving in a variety of roles from product management to UA and on properties ranging from Godzilla to Pokémon.
Nate Adams
Product Manager
Nate Bacon
Project Management
Self-taught Animator and 3D Modeler, QA and QA Engineer, and independent hobbyist Unity game developer. So, basically, jack of all trades.
Nick Hester
Game Design
Senior Developer with 15+ years professional experience. Alumni of Lionhead Studios (Fable franchise, Milo & Kate), Portalarium and sonarDesign.
Paul Evans
Sr. Architect of big data / Hadoop technologies, real-time steaming game data analytics, scalable performance and distributed processing to support analytical tools.
Rao Madduri
15 years+ in video games developing key strategic partnerships with every major publisher in the industry including 2K, Machinima, Massive, and GameSpy/IGN.
Richelle Ragsdell
Business Development
Rob brings a broad set of skills to the QA team after having previously helped ship multiple titles on both QA and art teams.
Robert Cook
Web programmer turned QA with a diverse background including Operations for Apple Computer and QA Project Lead for BioWare on the Dragon Age franchise.
Robert Freeling
25 year veteran CPA working in high tech companies from 20-7000 employees. 5+ years at Macromedia through M&As; growing from $6M to > $110M and a successful IPO.
Ron Evans
Rupert Stechman
Saket Jain
Stefan Trefil
Jack of all trades who has helped multiple dev & publishing teams with a wide range of services. From Photoshop to localization work, he's probably done it.
Wyatt Butler

We're assembling an incredible team to create the world's greatest game development platform.

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