The Incorruptibles - Game Description and Main Features

Developed by BonusXP & many of the creative minds behind the popular Age of Empires and Halo Wars franchises, The Incorruptibles is a true REAL-TIME STRATEGY game that combines intense combat & resource management with a robust hero crafting system that allows players to collect loot and resources to craft & level up their collection of heroes. Play as The Incorruptibles, a clan of unexpected heroes battling the Corrupted - an evil force intent on burning & destroying the lush & vibrant islands of the Realm.


  • Take control of your heroes in real-time
  • Engage in epic, fast-paced battles
  • Unleash your hero's devastating attacks
  • Save and expand your kingdom from the Corrupted
  • Declare war against other players worldwide
  • Unlock and collect powerful heroes to defend the Realm
  • Upgrade your hero abilities with crafting items
  • Enjoy rich and vibrant best-in-class graphics

You may consider the game to be one of the thousands of other games of the same type, but we do have our advantages to gain your attention.

The game is built in real-time; you can check during a day how your kingdom prospers. Build your own realm and enjoy improving your result with more powerful heroes and epic battles with your enemies. While killing some time in the queue or in the transport, or simply having a rest after a hard-working day, improve your armies, cities, and increase your supply. It is a mistake to think that the game can be interesting to only children or adolescents. The concept created in the Incorruptibles also attracts adults of all ages. Whether you enjoy acquiring new possibilities and expanding your cities or like to have active games and take determined actions, everyone will enjoy the process and find their favorite characters here.

Many users prefer this game because you can organize battles with other players online. What is more, you can record your play and share during your streaming on YouTube, or simply post your recorded video sharing your experience with your friends. Organize common gameplays with other players, engage your targeted YouTube subscribers, or attract more followers who will share your passion at The more people join you, the more battles and awards you may have afterward. You shouldn't only add your real friends to your game. These can be unknown amateurs of the game who would gladly share with you your experience. It's like when you play online games with others. Finally, isn't it the result that counts afterward?

The best-in-class graphics make you forget about your everyday problems and enjoy some free time for your satisfaction. After all, aren't the games the best way to build your own world where you would try to become a winner? From childhood, we all dream about absolute power where the events can go the way we want. With the Incorruptibles, you now have this possibility. Besides building your own realm, you will be able to develop your own strategies, count your adversaries' moves, and learn from your mistakes. It's not hard to learn to play like a real pro and why not start streaming your game on YouTube? It's very easy and the most important thing is that you can easily gather an audience. The mobile games, available any time on your smartphone, are an excellent option to learn, improve your skills that you can after applying in real life. Of course, organizing battles doesn't need to be understood literally.

Another cool feature in this game is a wide variety of attacks and hero's abilities. Taking advantage of real-time, you can craft recipes and choose your hero's achievements. The creation of new recipes helps accumulate different ingredients first needed for an achievement recipe you want to use. Then, you create the magic formula and use it for your hero to improve his forces, abilities, and unique features. The strategy behind is the same as in other RPGs. Besides choosing different skills for your various characters, you can level them up with other improvements. Don't forget that winning battles and gaining achievement also add your points.

Battles and heroes are cool, but it's not the only idea of the game. There are also other peaceful moments in the game. Wars are not possible without motives, and one of the popular and the most exciting motives in the games are expanding territories and defending their own ones. Your people and your heroes should have well-defined borders and territory to live in. The more you prosper, the more place you need, which is not possible without expansion. You have the possibility to come back to the times of the Age of Empires but with improved graphics and features. Exploring territories will bring you more resources and new lovely places. Of course, only if you gain them from others.

Do we need to say that you will get new tasks with each new level, unlock new territories, and get new tasks? Intuitive tools, exciting missions, wow-effects will make you ease and have a nice rest. Don't hesitate to download our app on iTunes or Google Play and give it a try. By choosing our game you are sure to have a great time and this can be a great start to your personal YouTube gaming channel. Share great moments with your friends and subscribers and share your comments and impressions with as.

Available on Apple iOS and Android devices
Reviews: 4 out of 5 Stars